Getting Started

Information to get you started

Here’s the information to get you started. The initial questionnaire is at The attorney identifier is bartranderson (please note the “r” after bart, many people miss that). If you don’t understand a question or are unsure if it applies to you, just leave it blank and we’ll go over it with you. When you list your assets (household goods, clothing, etc.) please use garage sale values. Use pawn shop value for the jewelry unless there are large, individual precious stones in the settings. Do not list everything you own individually unless it has a substantial value, such as valuable antiques, paintings, or expensive appliances or electronics. Use a lump sum amount of what you believe the goods are worth in a weekend garage sale. You can get an idea of value from the Salvation Army donation site at

The other thing that is required prior to filing (but not prior to seeing Bart) is for you to take a Consumer Credit Class (you also have to take a financial management class but that comes after filing). We have been using and have received good reviews from our clients. The cost for this is $9.95 and you can pay for the class at the time you take it.

Please also provide us with copies of your last six full months of paystubs or information regarding your income/expenses (profit/loss statements are fine), 2013 and 2014 tax returns and your last six months of bank statements. It is fine to fax or email these to us.

If you have any questions you can call the office at 425-637-9488 or email Ruth Ann at

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